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Daily Hinduism is a gateway to the rich tradition of the Hindu faith – a way of life. Hinduism is significant across the globe and the tenets of Hinduism such as rituals, fasting, worshiping, devotion, have to be adapted into today’s world. With technology constantly evolving, our lives have been transformed in many ways, but we still desire to stay connected with the rich and traditional roots of the Hindu faith by celebrating festivals and following certain beliefs. Daily Hinduism aims to be your one stop app for Hinduism related information. By downloading the app, you can get notifications of important occasions, follow your favorite deity or community, not miss out on an important festival, share the app with friends and family, stay updated with local events and most importantly, personalize it for your needs.


Ans:  To get event details follow the respective Deity or community.

Ans:  Yes, you can share the event details with your friends with the SHARE option in the App.

Ans:  This App is FREE to download and FREE to consume in its Ad version. You may opt for the Ad free version by paying a nominal Annual subscription fee of $1.99.

Ans:  Follow the below steps to set a reminder:
i. Follow the Deity or Community whose event you wish to set reminder.
ii. Go to the event page.
iii. Tap on the clock to set reminder.
iv. You can personalize the reminder too

Ans:  i. Check if the Deity or Community is followed.
ii. Check if there is auspicious time for the event.

Ans:  Yes, you can. The menu section has an option of nearby temples. Clicking on it will show you all the closest temples near your current location.

Ans:  By clicking on the cross icon of Ads and subscribing to the Ad-free version will turn off the Ads.


  • The Content used in the Daily Hinduism App including Categories, Festivals, Deities, Communities and further details is original and written by the Hinduism team of JetSynthesys. All timings mentioned as part of Rituals, Traditions and Puja are as per IST.
  • The entire information pertaining to the Events is as per standards and information from the references and may vary in some instances.
  • Content is inspired from the websites relevant to various Community and Deity Festivals. Wikipedia is also one of the sources on the subject.
  • All the images used in the App are created and owned by Jetsynthesys


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